Friday, 24 February 2012

Keajaiban Al-Quran melalui sasteranya.

Selama ini kita sering mendengar mengenai keajaiban Al-Quran dalam bidang sains dan teknologi kan? Beberapa bulan yang lepas saya berpeluang mendengar ceramah mengenai keajaiban di dalam Al-Quran yang ditemui melalui bahasa dan sastera yang membentuk menjadi Al-Quran.

Hamza Tzortzis ialah seorang Greek yang memeluk Islam. Beliau seorang public speaker yang sering memberi ceramah mengenai kewujudan Tuhan, keajaiban Al-Quran dan beberapa topik lain. Ini kali ketiga saya mendengar ceramah yang disampaikan beliau. Pertama, "Islam or Atheism", kedua "Does Science Make God Impossible" dan yang terbaru, "The Miracle of Quran". Beliau adalah antara penceramah kegemaran saya di UK.

Mungkin kerana sudah sering membaca dan mendengar tentang keajaiban Al-Quran yang di dalam bidang sains, apabila mendengar mengenai bentuk sastera di dalam Al-Quran, saya tertarik. Baru-baru ini saya membaca dan membuat sedikit kajian semula mengenai topik ini untuk buku terbaru saya. (^_^) Jadi saya terfikir untuk berkongsi ilmu baru ini kepada semua. Bukan saya yang buat pun. Saya cuma seorang pembaca dan pendengar sahaja.

Memang panjang kalau nak baca, tapi saya rasa tak rugi.

Dan yang paling best ialah dengar melalui Youtube. Lebih mudah nak faham. =D

Selamat mendapat ilmu baru!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's snowing, finally!

This is my third year in England. For the past two years we were happy for white Christmas in Leicester. We experienced snow as early as mid-December. But this year I was quite disappointed when Mr. Snow didn’t come even on January. I thought I won’t be experiencing snow for the last time here.

But hey! Last evening, it was snowing really really heavy all over UK.  Me and my friend were on trip to Stoke on Trent to play at the Water World. FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Societies) arranged an event that brings sisters around UK to experience night for all women in Water World. With only female life guard and female participants, it had been the best experience for me that I know I’ll never get in Malaysia.

The journey from Leicester to there was supposed to take around two hours. Due to heavy snow along the road, we arrived later than planned.  Many cars stranded on the highway. This is my first time travelling by road during heavy snow. We were all really worried as we can see many vehicles stuck and not moving since the road was slippery.

After playing for three hours in the Water World, we headed back to Leicester. Then something unexpected happened when our coach had some problem and we have to change to another coach. We waited at services for around one hour with thick sow outside. I was too tired to play with other sisters who enjoyed snow ball fight and making snow man at the car park. Well it was 1 in the morning. After swimming and playing for three hours, who won’t fell exhausted?

We safely arrived home at 3.30 am. I couldn’t do anything anymore so I fall asleep as soon as I lied on the bed. Fuhh! It was a great experience. When I woke up today and looking outside the window, I snapped this picture. It’s really nice to meet you again, Mr. Snow!